Found the time and motivation to update most of my plugins to IDA Pro 7.1 SDK.

Besides just updating them, I put some time into ExtraPass.
It should be better now at avoiding more embedded data, has more integrity at finding missing functions, and has a new feature that finds and fixes incorrectly defined noncontiguous functions (with tail blocks that should actually be defined as separate functions).

As always be sure to backup (and/or use IDA’s snapshot feature) your IDBs since this plugin could have some unintended side effects in the changes it makes.

Also note that my plugins are mostly targeted for Windows executables using Microsoft and Intel compilers. Other platforms and compiler/linker combinations have different patterns where my plugins might be of little use as is.

Initial testing showed at least some appeared to work fine with the older previous IDA version 7.01, but your results may vary.

Get my plugin updates as usual on Sourceforge :

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