Updated IDA Pro plugins

I updated my IDA Pro plugins back in March here IDA Plugins. I made a post on the IDA forum IDA Pro fourm but forgot to note it here until now. Added a few new features to some like code and or data segment selectors, etc. The best thing I’ve removed most if not all […]

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API hook systems that change DLL load order.

All Windows API/code hook systems (out of the many I’ve studied) force map DLLs when hooking them except for my favorite madCodeHook. An application will have a native way DLLs are loaded. Some might be delayed and some might loaded dynamically at various times.  Loading them in to hook before the application it’s self does […]

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Windows binary hook engine design

I’m revisiting my unfinished binary hook engine that I started back in 2007 to hopefully complete it and use it in some current projects. For people new to such things.  It’s a programming mechanism that allows you to inject/load a DLL (usually) into a target process at the same time, or after it’s loaded to […]

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