27 Feb

Updates to my plug-ins, QT work around for segment selector, something new.

IDA plug-in updates:
Over the last month or so I’ve updated a lot of my plug-ins you can find HERE.
Also released the source for Class Informer that people had asking for:

IDA Multi-select segment dialog:
I’ve fixed some bugs and made my customized multi-select IDA segment dialog work again.
This where it allows you to select more then one segment, sometimes necessary for some
of my plug-ins, in particular for IDB cases with multiple “.text”, and, or, “.rdata” sections et al.

Here you can select one or more segments using the standard Windows CTRL or Shift Left clicks, etc.
Multi-select segment dialog example
Now in the log output it will show you what segment(s) you selected too, I.E. “Segments selected: ‘.data’, ‘.data’, ‘.rdata’.”
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