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Title: IDA Class Informer
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An IDA Pro MSVC object RTTI vftable finder, fixer, and lister plug-in.
Lists found RTTI structures and C++ classes.

RTTI ("Run-time type information"): Wikipedia RTTI (

Based off article and IDC scripts by Igor Skochinsky:
Recon 2012: Compiler Internals (

> Sourceforge ClassInformer < (


Example list output:

Sample RTTI vftables commented by plugin:

[May 2017]: Version 2.4
Will now scan all "DATA" type segments. Before would only scan the first ".rdata" and ".data" named segments.
Added a "segment select" to allow manually selecting the segments to scan.

[Jan 2016]: Version 2.2
Updated to IDA SDK 6.9 and now using MSVC 2015.

[May 2015]: Version 2.0, major update.
Added a fully functional 64bit version.
Different, more accurate scanning method.
Fancy "material design" inspired user interface.
Updated to IDA SDK 6.7

To build requires a minimal Qt 5.4.1 SDK install.
See: Qt 4.8.4 on Windows for IDA Pro C/C++ plug-in development Part 1 of 3 (
Also requires my: IDA Support Library (

> Sourceforge ClassInformer < (
Title: Re: IDA Class Informer
Post by: Administrator on June 01, 2017, 11:27:52 PM
Mentioned in Chris Eagle's popular IDA Pro book: (

qwerty9384 made a tutorial game hacking tutorial using Class Informer: (

In this thread, someone has made a IDA 6.8 version and more (use at your own risk): (