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Dump arguments scrip
« on: January 02, 2015, 03:24:00 PM »
Here is the Python version of a script I first did in IDC some years ago that I use a lot.
I use it to dump function arguments out; most useful for ones that have strings.

The typical case is when you find some sort of dump/log/assert functions that have many interesting strings.
If you see something of interest you click on the address to jump to the function for examination.

Example with this Lua script loader function (I labeled "LoadLuaScripFile_Func00") I can now see where these scripts are being loaded and some of their names/labels:

To use it:
1) Go to the function of interest and click on the name or inside of it so it's selected.
2) Run the script
3) It will ask you for an argument count (three in the example above).
4) It will dump out references to the output window (where you can click on the address to jump)

>Download ShowFuncArgs_IDA_Script.rar <