05 Mar

Qt 4.8.4 on Windows for IDA Pro C/C++ plug-in development – Part 1 of 3

(Note this an advanced article.  It assumes you know advanced C++, IDA Pro and it’s plug-in environment, etc).

Now that IDA Pro has completely moved to Qt for it’s user interface you can really expand on it to make your own custom Qt user interfaces in IDA.  You’re not locked in to using just IDA’s varied but basic UI system.

If you want to use Python for IDA there is already a featured setup using PySide but then maybe you want to use Qt from IDA’s C/C++ plug-in SDK (for speed and resource control, etc.)

The development environment for IDA Qt is version 4.8.4 and Visual Studio 2010.
You can clearly see this looking at the DLLs in the IDA Pro folder:DLL image showing Qt 4.8.4

DLL image showing Visual Studio 2010

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